Merit Aid Requires Less Merit:  How Colleges Use Merit Aid to Compete
As high school enrollments drop, colleges and universities are increasingly competing for the same students.  To compete, they offer tuition discounts under the guise of “merit aid.”  Fifty years ago, […] Read more ›
Social Media and Homework Don’t Mix
There has recently been a flood of articles the about the negative effects of social media on kids.  This week we explore that notion, and today’s blog focuses on why […] Read more ›
ACT English Tips:  Brief is Best
The ACT English test score is often the easiest of all the ACT scores to improve.  With some ACT English tips and review, students can do well on this lengthy […] Read more ›
Grade Inflation and ACT Scores
Parents often express surprise when their students score lower than expected on standardized tests.  The easiest explanation is test anxiety.  But in reality, the relationship between grade inflation and ACT […] Read more ›
Should Your Student Retake the ACT?
I spoke with a parent who was frustrated because her daughter got a 27 on the ACT, decided that was good enough and chose to not retake the ACT.  She […] Read more ›
Homework Help or Mastery Learning?
I was recently asked why Knowledge Edge doesn’t do more to promote our Homework Help service.  After all, we have great tutors who can tutor in almost any subject. For […] Read more ›
Set A Course For Sophomore Year Success
Fight off the sophomore “slump” and have a strong second half of sophomore year! Sophomores are at a pivotal point in their high school career.   Here’s why: Many sophomores earn […] Read more ›
New Year’s Resolutions for Freshmen
Face it, freshman year in high school can be challenging.  There are new faces, a new schedule and the pressure of going from the top of the heap (in 8th […] Read more ›
Read With Your Children During Winter Break
Once Christmas is over, hopefully you’ll have a little time to just enjoy your family this week.  Be sure to work in some time to read with your children!  Even […] Read more ›
Juniors:  Start Thinking About College
Two items that caught my eye this week should provide a push to juniors who have yet to start thinking about college. From time to time we’ve posted blogs about […] Read more ›
Move Your Teen Toward Adulthood
Wednesday’s Facebook post includes an article that caught my attention immediately:  why teens aren’t in a hurry to grow up. Home:  Where the Living is Easy Even before I read […] Read more ›
Know Your Transitions for ACT English and Reading
The use of transitions is frequently tested on the ACT English and Reading tests.  Transition words and expressions are bridges that combine sentences or parts of sentences.  Not only must […] Read more ›

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