Complete the FAFSA Now!
When my children were seniors, I think the prospect of filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form was, for me, more daunting than how they felt […] Read more ›
Which College Application Is Best?
As if there weren’t enough decisions to make in applying to for colleges, here’s another.  Which college application is the best?  Students know that they can apply directly to a […] Read more ›
Have Study Skills When You Need Them
Next week is the start of our Knowledge Edge Study Skills Workshops.  The sessions will run for 5 weeks for high school students and 6 weeks for middle schoolers. With […] Read more ›
Prepare for the PSAT-NMSQT Test
Many area students will take the PSAT-NMSQT test on October 11, 2017.  Check your school’s calendar and be ready for the test! The test is a warm-up for the SAT […] Read more ›
What’s the College Return on Investment?
Given the high cost of college these days, it’s not unreasonable for parents and students to try to put a dollar value on a college education.  What’s the college return […] Read more ›
One of our Facebook posts this week is about the failure of colleges to teach students how to write.  The Washington Post article discusses why colleges don’t spend as much […] Read more ›
Prepare for the Transition to Middle School
The transition to middle school is a huge one for kids.  The close, nurturing, elementary school environment they may have known since kindergarten is about to give way to many […] Read more ›
College Planning Checklist for Seniors
It’s time for college planning action.  After working hard to keep grades up and taking placement tests junior year, it is time to apply.  Here is a list of action […] Read more ›
Have some fun this summer!  Our FB posts this week feature fun activities for kids.  Turn the car trip into a time to play games, or pull out some board […] Read more ›
Popularity among youth is a trait that has been researched over and over.  While in grad school, I read that many factors outside of one’s control could have an impact […] Read more ›
Last week, we discussed thinking about what you’ve done that has made an impact on your life.  To reread last week’s blog, click here. Lesson 1:  Get to know the […] Read more ›
There is too much to say about college essays to capture it all in one blog.  Therefore, this week and next we’ll cover some of the key aspects of writing […] Read more ›

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