It may be hard to think ahead during this special summer between junior and senior year of high school.  But plan now for senior year and beyond:  it could be […] Read more ›
“Mindset” is a bit of a buzzword in education today.  Does your child have a growth mindset?  Does he believe he can grow his brain to learn new things? Mindset […] Read more ›
This week the focus of our communications is how to choose a college,–hopefully, the dream school.  Seniors should be at work on essays and starting to get their application information […] Read more ›
There was a story on NPR recently about the decline in teens working summer jobs.  According to the story, in the 1980’s about 70% of teens ages 16-19 had summer […] Read more ›
High school graduation is a time for celebration.  Completion of high school means the beginning of a new future, the next step toward adulthood for our teens. We send our […] Read more ›
The school year is about to wrap up.  Many parents sigh with relief that another year is over, while others take a deep breath in anticipation of a busy summer. […] Read more ›
Many of our recent Facebook posts have encouraged next year’s juniors to take a free practice test in June.  This will provide a baseline score to begin test prep this […] Read more ›
Consider Early Decision and Early Action
Early Decision and Early Action were the topic of yesterday’s Facebook post.  If you didn’t see it, consider taking a look. In the past, ED or EA chosen by relatively […] Read more ›
Summer is coming and so is summer learning loss—unless parents know what to do about it.  There are many statistics that support the value of summer learning to ensure children […] Read more ›
What is the best way to improve ACT or SAT test scores?  Practice.  Back in 2001, Malcolm Gladwell published an article in The New Yorker about Stanley Kaplan and the […] Read more ›
In our blog two weeks ago, we discussed the concept of “grit.” This new buzzword is an outgrowth of work done by University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth, author of […] Read more ›
It’s mid-April, and most students who were waiting for acceptance letters three weeks ago have now made a decision.  It’s a big decision, and can be life changing.  In our […] Read more ›

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