What is the best way to improve ACT or SAT test scores?  Practice.  Back in 2001, Malcolm Gladwell published an article in The New Yorker about Stanley Kaplan and the […] Read more ›
In our blog two weeks ago, we discussed the concept of “grit.” This new buzzword is an outgrowth of work done by University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth, author of […] Read more ›
It’s mid-April, and most students who were waiting for acceptance letters three weeks ago have now made a decision.  It’s a big decision, and can be life changing.  In our […] Read more ›
Our language is full of expressions that refer to how we show resilience after a setback:  “bounce back,”  “get back in the saddle” and ”stick-to-it-tiveness” are just a few.  “Grit” […] Read more ›
I recently came across a video about how kids can study smarter by using certain techniques.  The video discussed the example of flashcards as a method that has been proven […] Read more ›
Many schools will send out their acceptance and rejection letters April 1.  Students who applied to schools with rolling admissions may be through with this process, but many are just […] Read more ›
Remember when your kids were small and talked about what to be when they grew up?  “I want to be a veterinarian,” or “I want to be an astronaut” were […] Read more ›
Many juniors have taken the ACT for the first time in February and are anxious about seeing their composite score.  But there is more to learn from the score report. […] Read more ›
College Planning Update
We’ve said it before…it’s a good idea to plan ahead for testing and applying to colleges.  Our most recent blog on the subject addressed the entire process. This week we’re […] Read more ›
Last year’s introduction of a new SAT test narrowed the differences between the ACT and SAT.  We looked at the two tests in an earlier post back in June 2016, […] Read more ›
Make Your College Visit Worthwhile
Make your college visit count!  Giving your student a chance to see college environments outside Mequon and Milwaukee can be valuable.  Before you go, give some thought to the purpose, […] Read more ›
I recently saw an article that suggested students begin ACT/SAT test preparation in 8th and 9th grade.  The parent who authored the article shared a four-year calendar of activities, visits, […] Read more ›

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