This week’s focus is on life skills—not survivor skills per se, but important life-long skills that parents need to teach and kids need to learn early.  Living in our competitive […] Read more ›
  I volunteer at a high school in my area, and last Monday during one class period I had the pleasure of listening to the Superintendent of Schools read aloud […] Read more ›
College Application Tips
  Several articles have appeared lately directed at seniors who are awaiting college decisions and juniors who are deep into the process of testing and deciding where to apply.   […] Read more ›
Teach Your Senior Life Skills Before College
  Parents do a lot for their kids.  Sometimes, too much.  It’s hard to let go and let kids become more independent while they are still under your roof.  But […] Read more ›
In-State Admissions at Elite Public Universities Changing
  There is a change occurring in college admissions of in-state versus out-of-state students.   Slowly but surely, elite public universities are enrolling more out-of-state students than in the past.  […] Read more ›
21st Century Skills
  During this last month we have focused on about 21st century skills and education.  There have been a number of lofty terms tossed around describing skills and traits that […] Read more ›
Higher Education Changes in the 21st Century
  Higher Education was a prominent topic in the recent presidential election.  In particular, the high rate of student debt and cost of college were two things that candidates reacted […] Read more ›
Lifelong Learning Is Key In The 21st Century
  Years ago at a conference, I heard an education professor from Harvard speak.  His topic was what kind of education and skills would be needed in the future.   His […] Read more ›
21st century education has been the subject of countless studies, articles and examinations over the last few years.  Education has come a long way in the last 100 years—or has […] Read more ›
How Much Activity Is Too Much Activity For Your Child?
  We all want our kids to have exposure to many things—sports, the arts, whatever may intrigue them.  Who knows what may become a lifelong interest or passion?   But […] Read more ›
Help Your Student Manage College Admissions Expectations
Getting that first piece of mail from a college is exciting for a high school sophomore or junior.  As noted in the attached article from the Washington Post, just checking […] Read more ›
The ACT Score Report and College Readiness
  The ACT Score Report has been revised.  As of the September 2016 test, the report is more comprehensive and detailed in its explanations.   Click here for a closer look […] Read more ›

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