Our language is full of expressions that refer to how we show resilience after a setback:  “bounce back,”  “get back in the saddle” and ”stick-to-it-tiveness” are just a few.  “Grit” […] Read more ›
I recently came across a video about how kids can study smarter by using certain techniques.  The video discussed the example of flashcards as a method that has been proven […] Read more ›
Many schools will send out their acceptance and rejection letters April 1.  Students who applied to schools with rolling admissions may be through with this process, but many are just […] Read more ›
Remember when your kids were small and talked about what to be when they grew up?  “I want to be a veterinarian,” or “I want to be an astronaut” were […] Read more ›
Many juniors have taken the ACT for the first time in February and are anxious about seeing their composite score.  But there is more to learn from the score report. […] Read more ›
College Planning Update
We’ve said it before…it’s a good idea to plan ahead for testing and applying to colleges.  Our most recent blog on the subject addressed the entire process. This week we’re […] Read more ›
Last year’s introduction of a new SAT test narrowed the differences between the ACT and SAT.  We looked at the two tests in an earlier post back in June 2016, […] Read more ›
Make Your College Visit Worthwhile
Make your college visit count!  Giving your student a chance to see college environments outside Mequon and Milwaukee can be valuable.  Before you go, give some thought to the purpose, […] Read more ›
I recently saw an article that suggested students begin ACT/SAT test preparation in 8th and 9th grade.  The parent who authored the article shared a four-year calendar of activities, visits, […] Read more ›
This week’s focus is on life skills—not survivor skills per se, but important life-long skills that parents need to teach and kids need to learn early.  Living in our competitive […] Read more ›
  I volunteer at a high school in my area, and last Monday during one class period I had the pleasure of listening to the Superintendent of Schools read aloud […] Read more ›
College Application Tips
  Several articles have appeared lately directed at seniors who are awaiting college decisions and juniors who are deep into the process of testing and deciding where to apply.   […] Read more ›

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