Taking The ACT Early Junior Year Has Significant Advantages
  Taking the ACT early junior year may seem crazy.  College is two years away and students have only completed half of high school.   Crazy?  Not at all.   […] Read more ›
  Kids experience and cope with stress just as adults do.  Some are seemingly unfazed by anything, others develop physical symptoms, and others brood and some children respond in very […] Read more ›
Planning ahead for the transition from high school to college can make this complicated process much simpler. There are three basic facets: Testing/Applying   Standardized tests and applications are concentrated […] Read more ›
  Help your children find their passion—an interest or pursuit that may provide them with the drive that will fuel motivation, curiosity and even possibly a career.   Parents want […] Read more ›
The notion that everyone has a preferred learning style has long been a theory in education.  It makes sense in an era where teachers are expected to differentiate instruction to […] Read more ›
The college application process is made up of many steps—taking the tests, applying, visiting and ultimately deciding.   But how does a student choose what colleges to apply to?  And what […] Read more ›
What actually occurs during a child’s brain development?  Neuroscientists have much more information that can be valuable to parents as they help their children navigate the world in 2016.   […] Read more ›
Many years ago I worked as an aide in a 4K classroom for a short period of time.  I quickly realized that one of the primary goals of 4K was […] Read more ›
Yesterday’s Facebook post included an article about the importance of reading during Grade 3.  At that level, students start reading to explore and learn other subjects. (For link to the […] Read more ›
  Back in July, we talked about counting down to the beginning of the school year (see our 7/27/16 blog post).  The focus was on organization, getting enough sleep and […] Read more ›
High school won’t last forever!  Whether you’re anxious to get out of high school or enjoying every minute and can’t even think about coming to an end of your high […] Read more ›
Thousands of students are preparing to head off to college for the first time.  Are they ready to master the transition from high school to the college environment?   The […] Read more ›

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