College Application Essay Topics That Work
Writing the college application essay is probably the hardest part of the whole application.  Everyone has gone on a service trip of some sort, been an officer of some organization […] Read more ›
Start ACT Prep Early If Early Decision is Your Goal
One more reason to start  ACT prep early junior year:  choosing Early Decision may improve your chances of getting into your dream school–so don’t be sweating out the June or […] Read more ›
ACT Prep May Save the Cost of Remedial Classes
One more reason for ACT prep:  avoid the cost of remedial classes because your student wasn’t prepared for college level work. While the ACT composite score is the figure most […] Read more ›
Executive Function Skills Develop Early
“Executive function” skills have been the subject of considerable research and discussion over the last 20 years.  These skills, learned from a young age, refer to a group of skills […] Read more ›
Can Meditation Increase SAT or ACT Test Scores?
Talk to high school students about taking the SAT or ACT test and it won’t be long before the word “stressful” enters into the conversation.  High school in general can […] Read more ›
Initial Feedback to the New SAT Test Is Positive
The Knowledge Edge ACT/SAT prep process usually includes a conference to discuss a student’s diagnostic test results.  At times in the past, the conversation also included a discussion of which […] Read more ›
Is it an Advantage or Disadvantage to be an Out-of-State Applicant at a State School–Especially UW-Madison?
From time to time there is an uproar from parents and applicants suggesting that UW-Madison favors out-of-state applicants who pay much higher tuition than in-state students who are being turned […] Read more ›
Myth: Students Should Wait Until Spring of Junior Year to Take the ACT or SAT
While some believe that college entrance examinations shouldn’t be taken before the benefits of junior year academics are realized, in reality, much of the requisite learning has already taken place: […] Read more ›
Parents Model To Their Children How To Select A Book To Read for Enjoyment
Adapted from an article by Debbie DeSpirt Television booms in the background and has become the sound of family living in the 21st century. Parents are able to do a […] Read more ›

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