What programs does Knowledge Edge offer?

Knowledge Edge provides individualized tutoring to students from pre-kindergarten through college. Primary programs are:
• ACT/SAT preparation
• Reading
• Math
• Writing
• Study Skills
• Homework Help

How do Knowledge Edge programs work?

Knowledge Edge uses a three step approach:
• Testing and Diagnosis: Knowledge Edge tutoring programs in Reading, Math and Writing/Language Arts start with a diagnostic skills assessment based on extensively researched testing tools that are used in schools nationwide. We also incorporate additional information provided by parents and teachers, if available.

• Individualized Programs: From those results, a program of individualized tutoring instruction is created and is implemented. We closely watch each student’s progress and adjust the program as necessary. We set up a parent conference after 10 – 15 hours to share the results. After 40 hours we retest the child at no additional charge to determine progress. We generally see at least one grade level increase after 40 hours.

• Motivation: Our motivational system is based on positive reinforcement, reward tokens and certificates, and peer recognition of achievements. This system, along with the friendly, supportive environment, helps students remain positive and focused at the learning center as they work toward their academic goals.

ACT/SAT students take a practice test which allows us to identify specific areas of strength and weakness in test subject areas. An individual program is then designed based on those results.

The Study Skills program also does an initial assessment and has a series of modules which a student will complete based on need. Sessions can be done individually working on actual school assignments or in a group setting.

Knowledge Edge offers help on specific homework assignments through its Homework Edge offerings, but the focus of Knowledge Edge is to understand the root cause for why a student is not successful in a core subject and address those deficiencies.

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Why are Knowledge Edge programs effective?

The cornerstones of our program are:
• individualized programs
• certified teachers
• a positive, supportive environment
• immediate feedback

Ongoing oversight of the student’s program and needs, regular conferences with parents, and communication with classroom teachers ensure that the student’s program stays relevant, keeps a student moving forward academically and builds confidence.

Is the tutoring at Knowledge Edge one-on-one?

During instruction, the teacher is at a table with one to three students at a time. The teacher is working one-to-one with your child while the other students are working on independent activities. When your child takes a turn with her own independent practice, the teacher then works with another student. This blend of direct instruction and independent work is very effective at promoting the confidence a student needs to work independently in the classroom and at home. Tutoring for ACT/SAT and Homework Edge is generally done with one or two students with an instructor.

What’s the value of ACT/SAT prep for a child who is already a strong student?

• A difference of a point or two can mean scholarship dollars for a student. With tuition increases far outstripping inflation, even a few thousand dollars a year in scholarships would more than pay for the cost of preparation.

• Reinforcement of previously learned skills. The English test in particular requires students to use specific skills that were mostly learned prior to high school. Preparation reactivates that knowledge. Similarly, the math test includes a high percentage of geometry questions–a subject most students take a year or two before taking the test.

• Strategy. Like anything else, there are strategies that will help a student perform to his or her maximum ability on the test. Students’ skills vary, and thus their strategies will vary as well.
• One-on-one explanations of answers. It’s easy to take a practice test at home and then look at the answers…but there is a distinction between knowing an answer is wrong and understanding WHY it was wrong. With a tutor, a student can work through the logic and reasoning behind an answer.

• We consistently receive feedback from parents and students about how the work they did in ACT preparation has helped them in school. This is especially true for students who struggle with reading. Improving reading comprehension will help a student on the test (usually in both reading AND science) but will also help them immensely in getting through their high school, and later, college textbooks.
• Familiarity with the test. The opportunity to take numerous practice tests and see different types of questions allows students to develop skill at how best to approach questions.

How do you accommodate students who have complicated schedules due to other activities?

Knowledge Edge works with you to find a schedule that works for your child and your family. We pride ourselves on our flexibility; our goal is to ensure a student gets the help he or she needs.

How much does the tutoring cost at Knowledge Edge?

Knowledge Edge has no registration fee or contract. Fees are hourly rates which vary based on subject and payment option. We try to make tutoring affordable by offering discounts for referrals, coupons and similar opportunities. Contact the center directly for details on the costs of your child’s program.

What are the Knowledge Edge teacher qualifications?

Knowledge Edge instructors are certified teachers or specialists in a specific academic area (such as science). All instructors come to Knowledge Edge with previous teaching experience and are then trained in the Knowledge Edge system. Because we have a variety of teachers with different specializations, we are effectively a “one stop shopping” center. Whether your child needs support in Reading, Math, History, or English, we have a tutor at Knowledge Edge who can help.