Our Story

Here at Knowledge Edge, our goal is to make a significant difference in our community. We provide tutoring services that help our students better compete in an ever changing, more complex society. We promise our students, parents, schools, community and business leaders to fuse integrity, quality, accountability and professionalism in the work that we do.

We advise each parent on the best path for helping their child achieve their goals. We conduct tutoring, conferences, marketing activities and daily operational activities with full preparation and attention to detail so that these services and related materials are produced with high quality results.

At the end of the day, it’s important to recognize the people involved in your child’s success. We collaborate with parents and teachers on helping students succeed.

Meet Our Team

We use state certified teachers, many of who completed advanced degrees in education, and have broad and deep experience as professional educators. We match our instructors specifically with the needs of each child.

Our Community

We think community is important. We will actively seek opportunities throughout our community to help every student to achieve their highest potential through the mastery of the skills our services address. Check out photos below of the ways we connect with our community, and find more galleries on our Facebook page.

Our Partners