ACT Preparation


With more than one million students taking the ACT test each year and an ever-increasing competition to get into the best universities, the stakes are high for scoring well on the ACT test. A difference of a point or two can mean scholarship dollars for a student as well as opportunities to attend schools that were once thought out of reach.

The Knowledge Edge ACT program focuses on the following core components:

• Reinforcement of previously learned skills
• Test Strategy
• One-on-one explanations of answers
• Familiarity with the test

“After taking the customized, 40-hour ACT prep course, his composite score improved 5 points. We are thrilled with the expanded college options this has created for him!”

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Proven Results

Students enrolled in the Knowledge Edge ACT program, experience an average increase of over 3 points. In addition, they improve knowledge and confidence for college and beyond.
When you sign up for our ACT prep program, you will receive

• Full ACT assessment
• An individualized program
• Personalized instruction
• Test-taking strategies