Knowledge Edge offers proven tutoring programs in math ranging from basic math to pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and advanced math.

In each of these programs, the lessons are administered using a variety of proven teaching methods. These include paper-and-pencil activities as well as the incorporation of manipulatives to provide hands-on activity to aid in learning abstract concepts.

Each of our math programs provides children with the math help they need to succeed.

The Basic Math Program helps students learn basic math skills in three general categories: Basic Math Facts, Computation, and Concepts & Applications. The Basic Math Program encourages students to communicate in mathematical terms in all areas of instruction. Mastering these skills provides students with the math help they need for advancement to higher-level math classes.

The Knowledge Edge Pre-Algebra Program bridges the gap from basic math to algebra by offering students algebra readiness skills. The Pre-Algebra Program affords students the opportunity to spend the necessary time on these important skill areas to ensure success in algebra.

In the Knowledge Edge Algebra Program, students will learn, practice, and master the computational algebra skills necessary for successfully applying logical thinking and practicality in school-related algebra courses. Our tutors provide the algebra help needed for mastery of advanced math skills.

The Knowledge Edge Geometry program is delivered so that each student focuses only on the specific areas needed for improvement. Practical exercises and tests ensure that students move on to new topics only when they’ve mastered the previous one. Our tutors are able to take the time to explain geometry skills in different ways to enrich the students’ understanding and success.

Additional subjects such as Algebra 2, Finite Math, Math, Analysis, Calculus, and Statistics can also be addressed.

“Your team has done an excellent job helping my daughter this summer.  She really enjoyed the one-on-one tutoring, and it was so nice not to argue about homework.  The e-mail updates were very informative and helped us keep track of her progress. “ Lisa from Mequon

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Proven Results

Knowledge Edge students who have completed a 40 hour program experience on average an increase of one grade level improvement.

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