Is summer learning loss real?  You bet it is!  The cumulative effects of summer learning loss can amount to years of instructional loss over the course of the elementary, middle and high school years.  Not convinced?  Consider some of the facts below:


  • The highest summer learning loss is in math, regardless of income level, with students often losing over two months worth of math computational skills over the summer.
  • The next highest loss is in spelling, with an average of a month or more of spelling skills lost in the summer.
  • For low income students, the impact is more dramatic:  students typically lose more than two months of reading achievement, a loss that can be critical in the early-mid elementary years when students are transitioning from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”
  • Middle income students’ reading levels tend to remain stable or slightly improve.

According to, summer learning has many benefits beyond the academic outcomes:


  • Parents said their children had improved their attitude toward reading as well as their ability.
  • Educational programs in the summer also boost social/emotional learning;  parents said their child made a new friend and got along better with other students.


While a break from the school year schedule is often welcomed by parents and students alike, a change in learning environment and individual work can make summer learning a very enjoyable experience for students.  At Knowledge Edge, our programs are individualized and focused on a child’s specific needs; they help students develop confidence and give them motivation to succeed.


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